Monday, May 30

Utah Valley's favorite grocery store

Who won it this year?
Utah County's
Best Produce & Grocery Store
goes to...........

Our very own Reams!

Here are a few reasons why I love Reams:

crazy, awesome meat sales

fresh, colorful, ripe fruit
at great sale prices.

And my favorite........

very creamy, deliciously flavored soft serve
for 94 cents.
Making it an even BUCK with tax!
You'll find it at Jaxies,
the corner restaurant inside Reams.


  1. I love little grocery store. That is awesome that they won. Congrats to your store.~amy webb

  2. I love that grocery store. I wish I didn't live so far away. The gas kind of negates the savings for me. But not the meat. Do they have their ads online? I am in need of chicken but I don't get their ad. I would totally drive up there for a chicken sale.

  3. Ok seriously.. i love your blog! My husband LOVE Reams! We practically go there every night! We love to get the ice creams and sit on the little park bench inside and people watch lol


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