Thursday, June 30

Jolley's Ranch=summer fun

Springville has some incredible parks.
Especially in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Gorgeous campgrounds, pavilions,
woods, stream, and a playground!
Even if you just want to go up to explore
and soak up some nature.....

Or if you want to have a campfire
and sit around with friends 'n family...

Forget the graham crackers!

Art City Fanatic + Jolley's = LOVE
(see here for more info on canyon parks)

Tuesday, June 28

Art City Days recap: Part 3 of 3

I know, FINALLY, right?
Sorry, it's been a fun (lazy) summer!
Okay, so check this out:

Springville takes the Sweepstakes!!!!!!

How did everybody enjoy the carnival?
I think I took a million pictures of the ferris wheel.
Who can help it?
So pretty.

And the booths!
These were of particular interest to me:

A Springville Community Recreation Center!!!!!!!
Would that not be so awesome?!
Plans are in the works to present the idea to the city.
I will definitely let you know how it goes!

Fergys jelly right next door in Provo.
It's got jalapenos in it.
But it was good stuff!

Airtime Training Wheels
This is a full-size school bus full of gymnastics equipment
that travels to day cares, parties, etc.
to offer gymnastics classes to 2-8 year olds
right there in the parked bus!

Such a blast!
Speaking of,
the concert Saturday night was great
country music by Due West.

And the fireworks show.....

Here is what the fireworks looked like
with the funky $1 3D glasses that the Rivoli is selling.

Sorry, just one more ferris wheel picture.
It was a beautiful, perfect week for Art City Days.
In fact, the first year in 4 years it didn't get rained on!
Thanks for all the support with this blog.
It has been so much fun to get to know our fantastic city.
LOTS more to come from around town.

Tuesday, June 21

Art City Days recap: Part 2 of 3

Art City Days

The sky was perfect,
the crowd was lively,
the cops on their bikes were loud,
the candy came in heaps.....
a perfect parade!

UVU cheerleader ~ mid-air

Kids attack the Reams' truck

It's mostly the same every year.
Just as it should be.
And, as always,
Springvillians showed immense spirit
as they cheered on the parade!

Monday, June 20

Zumba: an interview with Shannon

ArtCityFanatic: What exactly IS Zumba?

Shannon: Zumba describes itself on its website as “an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.”

In my own words, Zumba Fitness is an easy-to-follow hour of FUN where you move, dance, and sweat to the exciting rhythms of Latin and international music.
ACF: How did you get into Zumba? How long have you been teaching?

Shannon: I discovered Zumba in 2008 when I went to the wrong aerobics class. It was kickboxing, but at the end of class the instructor threw in a few Zumba songs. I was immediately taken. It was different and it was fun. I heard that the very first Zumba instructor training was coming to Utah in a couple weeks, and I signed up. Before then, aerobics was my favorite hobby but I had never taught it. I decided to start.

After getting licensed to teach Zumba Fitness I got my primary group exercise certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) along with my CPR and first aid certs. I started teaching in November 2008. I’ve also taught step, hi-lo aerobics, and kickboxing, but Zumba Fitness is my absolute favorite format to teach. It makes people happier and stronger.

ACF: Can anyone join the class?

Shannon: Of course! Zumba is suitable for all levels of fitness. In my classes I show variations of intensity and you can pick what level feels good for you. We also repeat routines a lot. The repetition makes you familiar with the routine, and once you’re comfortable you can make the moves bigger and add your own flavor and style. And that’s when Zumba becomes really fun!

Some of my students have told me on their first day, before we even started class, that they were nervous and worried they might be a little out of their comfort zone. But after trying it once and coming back a few times they forgot all about being self-conscious. They were having too much fun!

ACF: How much is a class?

Shannon: We meet Monday and Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm. $5/class or $20/month. You can pay in advance for several months and save 10%. Family discount: First person is $20/month, each additional is $10/month.

I offer my students a bonus: I also teach Zumba at Charisma Dance in Springville (1170 S 900 E) on Saturday morning at 8 am. They can attend that, or any other Zumba Fitness class taught at Charisma during the week, for just $2/class.

443 So. 200 E. (just east of the Art Museum)

Mondays & Wednesdays at 8:30pn

ACF: What is your website/blog?

Shannon: My blog is

My Facebook page is (or you can search for “Zumba with Shannon”).

My profile page is

People can also contact me by email:


Thank you, Shannon, so much!

You've got a great, energetic, fun class!!

Monday, June 13

Art City Days recap: Part 1 of 3

It's come & gone.
Art City Days 2011.
It was good, no?
Okay, it was FANTASTIC!
Let's take a glimpse back into last week:

The Balloon Festival~~~~~

The TLC Children's Parade~~~~~~~~~~~

A great crowd showed up on the sidelines
to support & cheer on the lil' Springvillians.

This prize & a sno-cone were waiting at
the end of the parade!

SMA's Children's Art Festival~~~~~~~~~~~

Wow, this festival was a blast!
Very well-attended.
LOTS of arts & craft booths.
A clown, even!
How lucky are WE?!!!

Such fun!
I know you'd all agree:
Springville is the best city EVER!
Stay tuned for Part 2......