Wednesday, May 25

Hobble Creek Learning Center

Located at 375 S. 300 E.
is the Hobble Creek Learning Center.
This beautiful facility offers classes for
Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.
creative classes
and summer programs!

Stephanie Harker,
the Director and Kindergarten teacher,
founded the center in 2007
"to provide quality education, to foster a love of life long learning, and to strengthen our community one child at a time."
She shows lots of enthusiasm and joy
working with these children.

I really enjoyed touring the school.
All the windows brought so much light inside.
The walls were brimming with colorful works
artfully created by youngsters.
There was a bounty of books & toys & games
of good quality and interest.
It was fun to watch the children enjoy their learning experience.

I love that the class sizes are smaller.
Only 12 students!
This particular day was a "walking report card,"
they called it.
This young chap had his turn to present to the class what he had learned
about cows.
My! He knew his stuff!
Seriously impressive.

They still have spots open for
next year!
And be sure to check out their summer programs.
The Ooey, Gooey, Kablooey class looks like a blast!

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  1. You guys have done an amazing job! I absolutely love your school! Hobble creek was instrumental in helping my son becoming confident with public school, the fallowing year. Thank you so much!
    Anya Patti


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