Tuesday, May 31

Living the Sweet Life ~ Art City Days

It came!
The Art City Days Guide!!
I've been pouring over it,
front & back,
and inside out.

Are you so excited, TOO?!
There is so much great fun in store
for the Art City.
And it starts

The Statue Photo Hunt -
figure out which statue belongs to each picture
posted on the city's website.
You could win a $50 gift card
and a chance to play
"The Price is Right"
on stage before the fireworks begin
on Saturday the 11th.

This year will be my first time
attending the rodeo!

The Balloon Fest!
Donuts, hot chocolate, & a balloon ride.
That's how to start the day!

And, of course,
the fireworks show.
We'll be living the sweet life
June 4th - 11th!
See here for the complete schedule.

Monday, May 30

Utah Valley's favorite grocery store

Who won it this year?
Utah County's
Best Produce & Grocery Store
goes to...........

Our very own Reams!

Here are a few reasons why I love Reams:

crazy, awesome meat sales

fresh, colorful, ripe fruit
at great sale prices.

And my favorite........

very creamy, deliciously flavored soft serve
for 94 cents.
Making it an even BUCK with tax!
You'll find it at Jaxies,
the corner restaurant inside Reams.

Wednesday, May 25

Hobble Creek Learning Center

Located at 375 S. 300 E.
is the Hobble Creek Learning Center.
This beautiful facility offers classes for
Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.
creative classes
and summer programs!

Stephanie Harker,
the Director and Kindergarten teacher,
founded the center in 2007
"to provide quality education, to foster a love of life long learning, and to strengthen our community one child at a time."
She shows lots of enthusiasm and joy
working with these children.

I really enjoyed touring the school.
All the windows brought so much light inside.
The walls were brimming with colorful works
artfully created by youngsters.
There was a bounty of books & toys & games
of good quality and interest.
It was fun to watch the children enjoy their learning experience.

I love that the class sizes are smaller.
Only 12 students!
This particular day was a "walking report card,"
they called it.
This young chap had his turn to present to the class what he had learned
about cows.
My! He knew his stuff!
Seriously impressive.

They still have spots open for
next year!
And be sure to check out their summer programs.
The Ooey, Gooey, Kablooey class looks like a blast!

Monday, May 23

antique realty in Springville

There are some really beautiful
homes for sale.

This amazing house on 94 W & 200 S
used to be a Bed & Breakfast.
And it should be once again!
Don't you think?
Any adventurous buyers out there?

Remember Yummies at 211 N Main?
The cute little corner stand last summer.
This gorgeous house used to hold
lovely treasures at Beaddicted Antiques.

I'm thinking.......
a bakery or a book store?
How about both!

And what about this quaint little home?
It has an awesome back yard, too!

Right across the street from the Art Museum
on 400 S.
A nice little place to live cozy in the best city ever!

Monday, May 16

Art Ball 2010

The theme for this year's ball,
Magic in the Air,
was a great match for the enchanting evening
at the Springville Museum of Art last Saturday night.

There was dancing......

Lots of dancing.

There was lots of dressing up.....

and really good food!

And the art.
The ART!
And the amazing museum!
Could there be a better setting for a ball?
Springville is so lucky!!

Springville Museum of Art Association
presents a tour to Spain!
This Novemeber.
Reserve your spot by May 27th.

I'd never been to the Art Ball.
But now,
I can't imagine ever missing it!
Dining, dancing, & enjoying the arts
with the young & old alike
in our beloved Springville
was such a delight.
There's just one thing I'll change about next year:
no heels.