Friday, May 6

It's coming......Art City Daaaaaaaays!

Have you heard?!!!!
The Art City Days schedule is out!
The events look fantastic
and I can hardly WAIT!
Here is a peek at last year's Art City Days.....

Show your Springville pride
and support out city by participating
in Art City Days!
June 4 - 11
See the city website for the schedule.
Things are happening all week long!


  1. Stumbled across your blog today and had to go back and look at EVERY SINGLE post! I lived in Springvilled when I was going to the "Y" 20 years ago. Ew...that was scary to say! I loved the city then and apparently, through your blog, I still love it! Even more, in fact! Wondering if my "apartment building" is still there...251 E 300 S. It was over 100 years old at the time I lived there and had originally been an old schoolhouse or such. Any possiblity you could swing by and take a pic? The folks that live to the west of the building owned this building when I lived there. It had a fascinating history that I'm sure they would love to share. Would love it if you could. If not worthy of posting on your blog, would you at least mind emailing me a picture (kuhdep2 @ hotmail dot com)? Amazingly enough, I never took a picture of the place! Hubs and I will be coming to Utah at the end of the month and we may just have to spend a day bumming through!

  2. I love art city days!!! I think it's the best city festival in utah! Thanks for posting the schedule! now I can plan on it and put it on my schedule!


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