Wednesday, August 31

Getting to know the Candidates for City Council: Karen Ellingson

Karen Ellingson

Art City Fanatic: What do you love about Springville?

KE: I love that Springville has grown but still has a small town feel. I enjoy the tree lined streets, proximity to mountains, and especially the friendly people and quiet neighborhoods. It’s great to live in a place where we can ride bikes and go for walks as a family along a trail or through neighborhoods. My kids and I love participating in programs at the Library and visiting the parks around the city. I like the character and historic value of the Trivani building and other great buildings on Main Street and hope we can do more to make Main Street a great place to shop, dine, and spend time with friends and family.

ACF: What can you contribute to the Art City as a City Councilwoman?

KE: I believe one of the most important aspects of being a member of the City Council is to be service oriented. Council members are elected to serve the people of Springville, as well as the City as an entity. I would strive to be responsive to the concerns of Springville residents and approach issues with an open mind while respecting the needs of both individuals and the community as a whole.

ACF: How do you feel about the proposed Springville Recreation Center?

KE: With the bond issue on the November ballot it is now up to the people of Springville to decide whether or not the Recreation Center will become a part of our city. If I am elected and the bond passes I will work to make our Recreation Center one which will be a benefit to our community with great services and opportunities while keeping usage fees as low as we can for residents.

ACF: Where do you enjoy eating out in Springville?

KE: My husband and I recently tried Joe Banditos and loved it! The food was great, and even though it was busy we didn’t have to wait too long for our orders. The chips and salsa were fantastic!


Good luck, Karen!

Check out Karen's Facebook page.

Primary voting is September 13th.
Here is a sample ballot from Springville's city website.
If you haven't registered to vote,
you can go here to do so.


Early voting is now open at the City Center
until September 9th.
Voting closes each day at 5pm and
closed during lunch (12-1).

Stay tuned for more interviews!

Tuesday, August 30

a teaser

Who made it to the Sno Shack
this hot summer?

the lovely Taylor

With delicious flavors like
Pina Colada
Pink Lemon Sour

The small size is just a buck.

Here is the teaser:
their last day was this past Saturday!
I'm so sorry, Springville, for not posting
about this yummy sno shack sooner.
But good news.....

You can get local fresh food
at the Green River stand on Main St near Auto Zone!

Alas, there will be next summer.
Let's call this a serious Heads Up!

Monday, August 29

Getting to know the Candidates for City Council: Jacob Carlson

Jacob Carlson


Art City Fanatic: What do you love about Springville?

JC: I love the people. I grew up in Springville and had amazing friends. It was a great place to grow up and now that I have a kid, I want my daughter (and future children) to be able to have the kind of friends that I had, and I know that can be found in Springville. The residents here are just good people.

I love the Location. I love that it isn't a huge city, yet I am able to enjoy some good businesses, services and recreation opportunities. I love the mountains and the recreation that they provide (snowboarding, motorbiking, hiking, and camping).

Springville is a great place to live and I honestly can't think of anywhere else I would rather be!

ACF: What can you contribute to the Art City as a city councilman?

JC: I can truly represent the residents of Springville. I don't have any special agendas other than to help Springville to continue to improve and be a place that I will always want to live. I am a young father and can relate to most of the residents. I have common sense and am conservative. I have education and experience in finances which will be very important over the next 4 years for Springville. I can offer a fresh perspective to the city council.

ACF: How do you feel about the proposed Springville Rec Center?

JC: I am going to vote YES for the Springville Rec Center. I think it is an important piece that has been missing in our community. There are a lot of benefits of having a Recreation Center in a city the size of Springville, and I believe those benefits outweigh the financial costs.

I actually own two homes in Springville so I will be paying more than twice the average estimated amount for the bond for the Rec Center. But even with the increased property taxes, increased sales tax, and the Rec Center membership fee, I am still wanting to have it here in Springville. Right now, to fulfill our recreation desires, my family goes to the Lindon Pool, we have Seven Peaks passes, and I work out at my parents home, in their little workout room. I am already paying a lot to do those things, and it is way less convenient and more time consuming than having a local Rec Center, and I will be able to use real work-out facilities. So for my family it makes sense. On top of that, for a community it makes sense. The youth need to have somewhere to spend their time. The Recreation Center will provide a place for them to spend time in a positive way.

It is really important that we help all the residents understand the costs and benefits of the Rec Center so that they can make an informed decision this coming election. More important than my own wants are what the majority of residents desire so I will respect the outcome of the vote.

ACF: Where do you enjoy eating out in Springville?

JC: My favorite place is the Mongolian Grill out by Walmart. Other places I enjoy are Magelby's, Art City Trolley, and Joe Banditos (their Chips and Salsa are amazing).


Excellent!!!! Thanks so much
and best of luck!
You can get to know more about Jake
at his website.

Primary voting is September 13th.
Here is a sample ballot from Springville's city website.
If you haven't registered to vote,
you can go here to do so


Early voting is now open at the City Building, so you can vote between now and September 9th. Voting closes each day at 5 P.M., and they are also closed during lunch hour (12-1).

Look for more interviews
coming soon!

Friday, August 26

Forever Strong

Tomorrow is Make a Difference Day

in honor of Springville's own Brandon Curtis
register here

raspberries at Ream's

Making headlines
Saturday ~ 8/27
Raspberries on sale for 99 cents/carton!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonya, or "Red", at Ream's produce
said it's best to get there by SIX am!

Other reasons I love Ream's:

~they carry my favorite yogurt - Mountain High
~but didn't carry it in "Raspberry" flavor
so I asked them about it
It's now on the shelves!
~the bulk candy bins!!
~Ream's doesn't show annoyance when the little
kids dip their hands into said bins
~the cute lady in her golden years in the dairy section,
handing out samples of crackers with cottage cheese on top
~the Utah truffles at the check out
~I get to pass by the beautiful art museum on the way

I love Allen's, too, of course!
I'll get them next time.

Thursday, August 25


I feel so safe 'n snug here in the Art City.
Protected by our big beautiful mountain.
Blanketed by the warm blue skies with those cotton candy clouds.
Surrounded by you, wonderful Springvillians!

Monday, August 22

snooping around the new library

What a beauty.

Now if they'd just lose the chain fence
and the absurdly bright green stuff.

The library is steadily coming along.
I have heard that it will be open
before the new year.....?

I spy the fanatic!

Look at what our tax dollars are doing!!!!
This library is going to be such a prized paragon
in our city.
And just think what those dollars could do
for a new rec center..............!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 20

close to home:::Salem Pond

It is HOT outside!
And while Autumn may be just around the corner,
there are a few sizzling days left of summertime.
So what to do to keep cool?

Behold the lovely Salem Pond.

With sand for playing,
docks for fishing & jumping,
the pond for swimming, boating, & floating,
ducks for feeding,
a park for playing & picnicking...........
the Salem Pond is a beautiful summer getaway
that is close to home.

Click here for directions to the pond

On your way back to the Art City,
travel by way of Spanish Fork's Main Street
and stop off at Glade's for some ice cream!

What else are you enjoying this summer that is
close to home?

Friday, August 19

Honey & Grains Bakery

Who is dreaming of Autumn?

Spring Hollow Park
October 2010

So to speed things up a bit,
I stopped by the Honey & Grains Bakery
for a loaf of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread.

Ooooohhhh, boy.
Soft, moist, deliciously autumn-flavored.
Somebody throw me a pile of crunchy leaves to jump in!

Located near Walmart at
484 South 1750 West

I've got to got to go back!

Monday, August 15

::coming up::

Get out your calendars!
You've got some marking to do.
I am so excited to let you know.......
....that there is a meeting to discuss the proposed Springville Recreation Center on Tuesday, August 16th at 9:15am!!!!!! Can you imagine? A rec center in our city?!!!! Wahoooo!

The meeting will be in Mapelton at:

1862 West Alvey Drive
(801) 289-6281
Contact: Sam Brand

Have you seen the concept drawings?
So beautiful!
Please help us get the word out for the vote on
November's ballot!!!


Then on Wednesday the 17th at 7-8pm,
come to the Civic Center for
a public meeting and ice cream social!!!

You can concept drawings and plans, get questions answered from committee members, and provide feedback while enjoying some ice cream.


Tonight is the last outdoor movie of the season!

Playing at the Arts Park at dusk is the one & only


So bring your blankets & some snacks,

maybe mosquito repellent, too!


There is another play going on under the library!

Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" is playing through August 22nd.

I've seen lots of littles dressed up at the library

for rehearsals.

Should be adorable.


Speaking of princesses.

the Springville Museum of Art is hosting a Princess Tea!

Saturday August 27th

Tickets required


Am I missing anything?

Do you just love Springville?

And have you seen the new library progress?!!



Email me at artcityfanatic at gmail

Saturday, August 13


my view from the ferris wheel

Remember seeing this banner at the carnival
during Art City Days?
I got it at Namifiers.
Right here in Springville.
They had it ready for me
in just a couple of days.
And guess what?!
They gave me a tour so I could share
with you!

They can namify anything for anybody
and ship it out in a jiffy.

Including, but not limited to:
Lanyards, nametags, accessories & apparrel,
key rings, awards, business cards, buttons,
signs, ornaments, luggage tags,
I'm telling you,
they will namify everything!

Let's take a look inside their factory.............

The factory was colorful, creative,
and very busy!

Thank you, Namifiers!
You did such a great job on my banner.

Visit Namifiers at their website.