Monday, May 23

antique realty in Springville

There are some really beautiful
homes for sale.

This amazing house on 94 W & 200 S
used to be a Bed & Breakfast.
And it should be once again!
Don't you think?
Any adventurous buyers out there?

Remember Yummies at 211 N Main?
The cute little corner stand last summer.
This gorgeous house used to hold
lovely treasures at Beaddicted Antiques.

I'm thinking.......
a bakery or a book store?
How about both!

And what about this quaint little home?
It has an awesome back yard, too!

Right across the street from the Art Museum
on 400 S.
A nice little place to live cozy in the best city ever!

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  1. Love the first house the best and totally agree with the bed and breakfast.~Amy Webb


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