Monday, April 25

Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

For all you quilters, sewers, crafters,
knitters, & lovers of color,
you must visit the Corn Wagon Quilt Co
in Springville on 400 So.

The charm & possibilities ooze
from its quaint building.
I can't believe the fabric selection!
It's endless.
They even offer quilting classes!
Located at..........
Visit them at their website
or call

Kids Eat Free at IHOP

this month only

Play a rousing game of
Tic Tac Toe
with the kids while waiting for your meal

The mushroom spinach omelet
is fantastic!

Pancakes with fries & mac 'n cheese?
Sure! Why not?

a looksie at Spring around town

Hope you all had a wonderful
Here are some snips of last Friday's
glorious weather.
Something to get you through this dismal Monday.....

even the weeds seem happy!

Happy Monday, Springville!

Wednesday, April 6

no wandering, go get it!

I know!
Cutest, sweetest dollhouse you've ever seen!
It's at the Wandering Wardrobe.

Diamond's Greenhouse

On Sunday,
it was Narnia in Springville.
Spring was trying so hard to make an appearance.
Hobble Creek Canyon

But then,
Spring decided to showcase it's blessed skies
and bring us this just yesterday..........

Pier 49 Pizza

Pier 49 Pizza

Notice the reflection of the sky!

Pier 49 Pizza


Walking around town,
looking up at the skies
and down at the flowers,
I was thinking it must be pretty much the perfect day.
And then I had this:
The chocolate coconut macaroon
from ShayBee's.
Yep, it was definitely the perfect day.

And now that Spring is here
(fingers crossed),
it's time to start thinking about our gardens.
Diamond's Greenhouse
has got the "it" factor.

Call ahead or sign up on their mailing list
to pre-order.

Hmmm, lovely.

Tuesday, April 5

Real Deals Home Decor

You've seen it.
The very handsome antique-y house on 200 South.

I practically got whiplash
the day I drove by and saw it.
What is this beautiful house?
I've got to know!

A store that is only open 2 days a week?
But just peeking in the windows had me.
All sorts of fanciful home decor and loveliness.
I knew it would be worth the wait
to come back.


Real Deals really does have great, super deals
that are 2 good to be true.
Join their fan club to receive updates & offers.
you & your gal pals can have your Bunco night there
for free.

101 East 200 South
(801) 491-3325