Wednesday, July 27

close to home:::24th festivities

Happy Pioneer Day all!
Hope you had a great weekend.
I have to say,
I'm a devoted Springvillian all the way,
but you've got to know:
Mapleton knows how to party!!!

They had a parade
and games
and a helicopter ping-pong drop
and prizes
and music
and food
and a concert
and fireworks
on the 24th.
It was outstanding!

Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband
played a wild & awesome concert
at the Ira Allen park before the fireworks.

And then....... joke....
one of the best fireworks shows I've seen!
Give it up for our sister city!
But, for reals,
I heart Springville!

Thursday, July 21

S.O.S. ::: Rx & ice cream in ONE!

When Art Citians tell me they've never been to SOS,
I practically throw my jaw out with,
" WHAT???!!!"
I mean, how could that possibly be?!
It is a Springville landmark
and one of my absolute favorites in our sweet town.

SOS is a drugstore & soda shop,
for all you who have remained oblivious,
that is on 214 S. Main Street by Central Bank.
Walgreens may have the convenience of a drive-thru,
but SOS has ice cream on a cone.
And who can beat that?
Especially amidst this summer heat?
And especially for only a dollar?!!

Kiddo scoops are only 50 cents.
Hip Hip!!

a rootbeer shake

The charm, friendliness, & nostalgia
of SOS
will bring people back for forever!
What are your favorite memories of SOS?
And if you haven't been yet,
For your prescriptions, ice cream,
a Blow pop for 15 cents.....

Wednesday, July 20

Pioneer Day

Springville has a really beautiful
pioneer museum on Main Street.
Have you been there?

This week would be perfect for a visit
to celebrate Pioneer Day!

Saturday, July 9

at sunset

I caught the sky show last night
just in time for this:

to the west.........

and to the east........

Friday, July 1

close to home: TONIGHT!

Get there early to stake out a spot!
If you can't make it tonight,
this concert series plays every first Friday of the month
through October!
Hip! Hip!