Tuesday, March 29

Treasures Antique Mall

How this amazing, beautiful, HUGE jewel of a place
has remained unknown to me
is truly a mind boggle!
I walked in and was completely mesmerized
and wide-eyed as I slowly strolled the aisles
of the Treasures Antique Mall.

Cheers to that!!!
1045 N. 2000 W.
(the frontage road)

Tuesday, March 15

new to Springville: Dragonfly & Company Boutique

I often feel like a tourist as I drive through Springville.
Looking here and there, down this street, around that corner.
We have a lot to discover in our little city.
Gotta keep my eyes peeled, right?
So imagine my ELATION as I stumbled upon

Welcome to one of the happiest places
in Springville!
Just opened in January,
this boutique shop is a sweet addition.
Full of really beautiful clothes, jewelry,
hair adornments, handbags.....
oh, wow, is it whimsical!

Sweet Katherine is the boutique owner.
She is lovely & darling & it was a treat to meet her.

Located at 241 S. 100 W.
(formerly Heritage Woodworks)

Monday, March 14

close to home:::Provo Bakery

Springville really needs a donut shop.
The gas station doesn't count.
But the Provo Bakery is really close.
They have the best donuts!!
And muffins, cookies, brownies, rolls, etc.
JIMMER donuts!
Make a run to 190 E 100 S
in Provo

Tuesday, March 8

duck feeding weather!

Spring is on its way!
Or is it?
March is always tricky.
But really, warmer days are ahead
and it's a great family activity to take
your leftover bread down to the pond
and feed the ducks.

Aaaaaaand the fish.
Watch out, they're feisty!
The pond is on 1400 N and 1100 W.

Monday, March 7

Community & Family Night TONIGHT

The Springville Museum of Art
will host guest artist, J. Kirk Richards,
a local painter & sculptor,
at tonight's family night.
Followed by a musical puppet show
and children's art project.
Here are some scenes from
last month's community night:

We enjoyed musical performances
from the Art Royalty.

Then the children went on an
art scavenger hunt throughout the museum.
What a treasure Springville holds!

Thursday, March 3

Kranky Franks

Looking for a good hot dog?
Find it at Kranky Franks!
"Home of the Danger Dawgs"

I'd like to suggest the sweet potato fries!

Wednesday, March 2

Kneadin' Bread is what you NEED!

Deliciously fantastic tasty local bread!
Get it at Ream's.