Tuesday, May 3

close to home:::Model A Cafe

If you go South on 89,
you'll find yourself in the lovely little town
of Mapleton.
You will also find this:

The Model A Cafe

A comfy, cozy diner serving
breakfast, lunch, dinner & desserts!

great quote from the menu

Their menu had all sorts of intriguing dishes:
Flat Tire (a huge pancake),
Low Rider (veggie omelet),
Fender Bender (steak),
Thunderbird (steak sandwich)
Devil's Delight (chocolate cake & ice cream).
You can even order a hamburger for breakfast
a pancake for dinner!

We were there for breakfast
and started it off right with some hot chocolate.

The french toast was phenomenal
with lots of cinnamon.
And with some boysenberry syrup....


The omelet & hashbrowns
were excellent.
(cheese was requested for the hashbrowns)
Great flavor & perfectly filling.

Harrold Munn, the owner & master of the kitchen,
came out to chat & check on everyone.
It was a delight to meet him.
He was quoted in the Daily Herald, saying,
"This is one of the coziest, quaintest,
little establishments there is."
Agreed, Harrold. Agreed!

You can view their menu
visit their website.

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  1. my parents love this place! I've always wanted to try it, after this I think I'll have to!!!


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