Wednesday, September 21

close to home:::McBride's Briar Patch

Who wants to have a fresh berry pie
for dessert?
It is berry-pickin' season
and we are so lucky because just down the way
in Mapleton,
there is a huge & beautiful berry patch!

Meet Wayne McBride.
He & his wife, Joyce, live & work here
and are very enthusiastic about sharing the joy
of walking through the patch,
picking the perfect berries & snacking along the way.
Wayne is so friendly & welcoming
and helped make our berry patch stay so fun & memorable.

Wayne shows just the right technique
in picking raspberries.

Donning my hat & long pants & sleeves,
I tied a bucket to my waste,
and got pickin'.
There is really something magical about walking through
the lush green rows of bright red berries.
It's peaceful, even.
Although bees are buzzing and littles are scrambling
for their own berries at my knees,
the repetition of pick-drop-in-bucket-pick
is a sweet reminder to slow down & savor life's wondrous moments.

McBride's provide the buckets for picking,
even mini ones for the littles.
Bring your own containers to take
your berries home, though.
They encourage pickers to pick as many berries as wished,
and pop some in your mouth along the way, too.

Blackberries are not as plentiful as the raspberries
but are oh, so beautiful.

Wayne gave the littles some apples
to feed the deer, too.
Watch it!
They're feisty things.

You pick = $3.00/lb
They pick = $5.00/lb
You can even pre-order!

The McBride's also have a huge garden
with produce for sale.

And you really ought to indulge
in some of their delicious Raspberry Honey!

And to top off the perfect pickin' experience,
on our way out we got to pick a handful
of their gorgeous flowers.
The McBride's are top notch!

And that's how you can have a fresh berry pie
for dessert.
With a bouquet of flowers, too.

1849 S. 2100 W. in Mapleton
Visit their facebook page for directions and more information.


    I'm going to go tomorrow morning with my mom. Even my husband was excited to see this and he isn't a berry eater OR a harvest sort of fellow, lol.

  2. Thank you for this information! I am new to the area, and love to hear about family-friendly places like this.


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