Friday, September 2

Getting to know the Candidates for City Council: Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson

Art City Fanatic: What do you love about Springville?

KJ: What’s not to love?! It’s peaceful; it’s safe; it’s clean; it’s diverse. People take pride in their property, and it shows in the curb appeal you see in most areas of town. It has an interesting mix of modern and historic. I love the broad local support of the fine arts, and I love its reputation and well-deserved nickname, “Art City”. We have an attractive downtown area that provides a fun and unique atmosphere. The city is family-friendly. Shopping is excellent and we’re not far from additional retail venues. There are many outdoor recreational opportunities to enjoy – fishing, hiking, biking, nearby hunting. You don’t have to look far or think long to conclude that Springville has so much to offer!

ACF: What can you contribute to the Art City as a City Councilman?

KJ: I recognize the need to continually “polish” the city’s image as an arts mecca, and will provide strong Council support for cultural activities and events. I can especially relate to and represent the hopes, aspirations, and concerns of a sizable and growing demographic in Springville – the younger voters and families. I bring a blend of Midwest work ethic to the position, as well as a fresh “outsider’s” perspective to solutions and issues. I was born in California and raised in three Midwest states (Minnesota, North and South Dakota), My 8-5 career work focuses on business development, on implementing good strategies that expand commercial opportunities and revenues, on enhancing people’s lives through education and self-improvement. I look forward to enhancing the Council’s work with a growth mindset. Springville needs to use its natural assets to continue building a stronger business base, as well as enabling existing businesses to flourish. I’m confident I can help the Council in these efforts.

ACF: How do you feel about the proposed Springville Recreation Center?

KJ: I'll be voting YES on the proposed Springville Rec Center. This step keeps us moving in the right direction and sends a positive message. It further establishes that Springville is a city devoted to its residents’ health and wellness. Providing cultural and physical services that meet the needs of a wide array of citizens -- our singles, families, and the “silver generation” -- is an important and worthwhile thing to do.

ACF: Where do you enjoy eating out in Springville?

KJ: Tough question! I have too many favorite Springville restaurants! I love the atmosphere at the Trolley and my friends and I have a weekly tradition of meeting at IHOP for a tasty meal. This is a great city for eating out, date nights, and fine dining!


Good luck, Kent!

You can find more on Kent at his website:

Primary voting is September 13th.
Here is a sample ballot from Springville's city website.
If you haven't registered to vote,
you can go here to do so.


Early voting is now open at the City Center
until September 9th.
Voting closes each day at 5pm and
closed during lunch (12-1).

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