Monday, September 12

Getting to know the Candidates for City Council: Tim Metler

Tim Metler

Art City Fanatic: What do you love about Springville?

TM: I love the great sense of community in Springville. Although Springville has grown over the past decade, there is still a small town feeling of belonging. I enjoy attending the youth athletic, music, drama, and other programs at the schools. There are also many community events including Art City Days, the Folk Festival and Art Museum programs which offer opportunities for enrichment and mingling. Springville is also a great place to enjoy varied recreational opportunities of camping, fishing, walking, biking, golfing, cross country skiing, and sledding. My family enjoys the benefits of nature and recreation all in our own back yard.

ACF: What can you contribute to the Art City as a City Councilman?

TM: My three areas of concern are:

Fiscal Responsibility – I believe that well run communities must be fiscally responsible, particularly when it comes to bonding. I am a CPA and worked for several years as an auditor for cities, counties, and other government entities as well as other large corporations. This experience showed me the consequences of fiscal responsibility versus fiscal irresponsibility.

Economic Development – All developing communities must continue to expand their sales tax base. As a city we must continue to expand our sales tax base to provide ongoing revenue to Springville. This provides an opportunity to support local businesses and keep more of our tax dollars in town.

Community Development – As growth continues, we need to focus on wise community development of new housing and other public facilities. I have been involved in the Utah Valley Home Builders Association for many years. I understand how to plan a good community that balances the needs of the city and the citizens.

ACF: How do you feel about the proposed Springville Recreation Center?

TM: In November our citizens will vote for a recreation center. If they vote yes, they are voting for a property tax increase which will affect the average resident’s property taxes by approximately $12 per month. Additionally, a wrap tax of .1% will also be included (effect is $.10 per $100.00 spent in the community). This tax may represent a minimal investment to some families who are looking forward to using the facilities. It may seem a burden to others who do not feel that the facility will benefit them.

I personally feel that a new recreation center will be a great addition to the community in providing recreation and other health and fitness opportunities to all ages. The Orem rec center was built when I was a teenager. It provided my family a great place to spend time, especially during the winter months.

ACF: Where do you enjoy eating out in Springville?

TM: I have always enjoyed eating at Magleby’s. I love the bread, not to mention all the other great food. My kids love Hogi Yogi. I also enjoy the fact that there is such a variety of fast food and sit down restaurants.


Best of luck, Tim!

Tomorrow is Voting Day, Springville!!!!!
You can read about some of the other
candidates here.
Vote! Vote!! Vote!!!

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