Friday, August 26

raspberries at Ream's

Making headlines
Saturday ~ 8/27
Raspberries on sale for 99 cents/carton!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonya, or "Red", at Ream's produce
said it's best to get there by SIX am!

Other reasons I love Ream's:

~they carry my favorite yogurt - Mountain High
~but didn't carry it in "Raspberry" flavor
so I asked them about it
It's now on the shelves!
~the bulk candy bins!!
~Ream's doesn't show annoyance when the little
kids dip their hands into said bins
~the cute lady in her golden years in the dairy section,
handing out samples of crackers with cottage cheese on top
~the Utah truffles at the check out
~I get to pass by the beautiful art museum on the way

I love Allen's, too, of course!
I'll get them next time.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!! I LOVE Reams, I mentioned a marinade I couldn't find there and the next time I went in there is was. They are awesome!!


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