Monday, August 15

::coming up::

Get out your calendars!
You've got some marking to do.
I am so excited to let you know.......
....that there is a meeting to discuss the proposed Springville Recreation Center on Tuesday, August 16th at 9:15am!!!!!! Can you imagine? A rec center in our city?!!!! Wahoooo!

The meeting will be in Mapelton at:

1862 West Alvey Drive
(801) 289-6281
Contact: Sam Brand

Have you seen the concept drawings?
So beautiful!
Please help us get the word out for the vote on
November's ballot!!!


Then on Wednesday the 17th at 7-8pm,
come to the Civic Center for
a public meeting and ice cream social!!!

You can concept drawings and plans, get questions answered from committee members, and provide feedback while enjoying some ice cream.


Tonight is the last outdoor movie of the season!

Playing at the Arts Park at dusk is the one & only


So bring your blankets & some snacks,

maybe mosquito repellent, too!


There is another play going on under the library!

Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" is playing through August 22nd.

I've seen lots of littles dressed up at the library

for rehearsals.

Should be adorable.


Speaking of princesses.

the Springville Museum of Art is hosting a Princess Tea!

Saturday August 27th

Tickets required


Am I missing anything?

Do you just love Springville?

And have you seen the new library progress?!!



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