Monday, August 29

Getting to know the Candidates for City Council: Jacob Carlson

Jacob Carlson


Art City Fanatic: What do you love about Springville?

JC: I love the people. I grew up in Springville and had amazing friends. It was a great place to grow up and now that I have a kid, I want my daughter (and future children) to be able to have the kind of friends that I had, and I know that can be found in Springville. The residents here are just good people.

I love the Location. I love that it isn't a huge city, yet I am able to enjoy some good businesses, services and recreation opportunities. I love the mountains and the recreation that they provide (snowboarding, motorbiking, hiking, and camping).

Springville is a great place to live and I honestly can't think of anywhere else I would rather be!

ACF: What can you contribute to the Art City as a city councilman?

JC: I can truly represent the residents of Springville. I don't have any special agendas other than to help Springville to continue to improve and be a place that I will always want to live. I am a young father and can relate to most of the residents. I have common sense and am conservative. I have education and experience in finances which will be very important over the next 4 years for Springville. I can offer a fresh perspective to the city council.

ACF: How do you feel about the proposed Springville Rec Center?

JC: I am going to vote YES for the Springville Rec Center. I think it is an important piece that has been missing in our community. There are a lot of benefits of having a Recreation Center in a city the size of Springville, and I believe those benefits outweigh the financial costs.

I actually own two homes in Springville so I will be paying more than twice the average estimated amount for the bond for the Rec Center. But even with the increased property taxes, increased sales tax, and the Rec Center membership fee, I am still wanting to have it here in Springville. Right now, to fulfill our recreation desires, my family goes to the Lindon Pool, we have Seven Peaks passes, and I work out at my parents home, in their little workout room. I am already paying a lot to do those things, and it is way less convenient and more time consuming than having a local Rec Center, and I will be able to use real work-out facilities. So for my family it makes sense. On top of that, for a community it makes sense. The youth need to have somewhere to spend their time. The Recreation Center will provide a place for them to spend time in a positive way.

It is really important that we help all the residents understand the costs and benefits of the Rec Center so that they can make an informed decision this coming election. More important than my own wants are what the majority of residents desire so I will respect the outcome of the vote.

ACF: Where do you enjoy eating out in Springville?

JC: My favorite place is the Mongolian Grill out by Walmart. Other places I enjoy are Magelby's, Art City Trolley, and Joe Banditos (their Chips and Salsa are amazing).


Excellent!!!! Thanks so much
and best of luck!
You can get to know more about Jake
at his website.

Primary voting is September 13th.
Here is a sample ballot from Springville's city website.
If you haven't registered to vote,
you can go here to do so


Early voting is now open at the City Building, so you can vote between now and September 9th. Voting closes each day at 5 P.M., and they are also closed during lunch hour (12-1).

Look for more interviews
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  1. Nice interview. I like this Jacob Carlson guy.

  2. I agree. He sounds like a nice fella.

  3. Thanks for doing the interview. Hopefully you can post some additional interviews to help us get to know the other candidates.

    Nice work!

  4. Nice to be able to get to know more about him before it is time to vote! Thanks!

  5. For your information...Early voting is now open at the City Building, so you can vote between now and September 9th. Voting closes each day at 5 P.M., and they are also closed during lunch hour (12-1).
    Get out and Vote!

  6. Jacob sounds like a nice councilman, I don't know much about the candidates and it is nice to hear about them, Thankyou. I am definetly voting yes for the rec center.


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