Wednesday, November 2

Get Fit: vote Yes!

ah, Autumntime in Springville.
It has been so beautiful!
Watching the very first bit of color pop.......

mountaintop in Springville

and then spread down to the valley below.
We all love the great outdoors
that our city has to offer.
Especially during the Fall.
A picnic at Jolley's Ranch.
A bike ride through Hobble Creek Canyon.
A jog/walk under the colorful trees of your neighborhood.

Jolley's Ranch

The cooler weather
& transforming world of Autumn
provide such a pleasant atmosphere for recreation.

And now it's November!
Crunchy leaves, chilly temps, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.....

Spring Hollow Park

There's so much to look forward to coming up
with the holidays!
But with that chilly weather
also comes many days of being indoors.
One can only handle so much hot chocolate,
cozy reads by the fire,
and Scrabble before getting Cabin Fever!
Especially the kids.
Days at the park are closing in on us.

Playing football or building a snowman
can be great fun,
until the numbness sets in.
But what about those blustery, stormy days?
That go on & on?
What of your recreation & fitness then?
How about if you could travel 5 minutes down the road
to the rec center with the whole family?
In the middle of a blizzard even!
Every day if you wanted.
To go swimming. Play basketball. Lift some weights.
Leaving the snow gear at home.
That's what I'm talking about!

Vote YES for a new recreation center!
Early voting now!

Visit to learn more.
They're also on Facebook.

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