Tuesday, November 1

Get Fit: vote YES!

During the dedicatory prayer of the Springville Museum of Art,
Elder David O. McKay described the building as
"a sanctuary of beauty,
a temple of contemplation."

Did you know that our art museum
was funded & erected during the worst of the Great Depression?
But Springville residents were passionate about
housing the precious art pieces that were
accumulating at the high school.

"The total cash cost of the project was exactly $104,011.84, with $54,000
coming from the [federal Works Progress Administration] funds. In the teeth of the Great Depression, the amazing amount
of $25,000 was privately raised from residents, small organizations and students.
Students held dances, sold popcorn and organized car washes. One young child
accidentally dropped a fifty-dollar gold piece into a donation box, which caused quite
a stir. When the father found out what happened to his money and how children
throughout Springville were working hard to build the Art Gallery, although not a
rich man, he refused to take the gold piece back. The final $25,000 was donated by
Springville City and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."


"Zeal and enthusiasm were exhibited not only by the contractors,
builders, and townspeople who contributed freely both of funds and
labor, but also by government officials who visited the site so frequently
and brought so many visitors to see it that it became known as ‘Utah’s Pet Project.'"


What a wonderful treasure it is to have the museum
right here in our city,
especially considering what a sacrifice was made
to bring it to pass.

When is the last time you strolled through the museum?
It is so peaceful & enlightening.
And to think,
because of the sacrifice of others' so long ago,
this beautiful building will be enjoyed for many
ions to come.
I am thankful to those pioneers who invested in Springville
and realized the potential of the city
and the meaning that the museum would hold.

Unfortunately, the SMA is not well-attended
by our youth.
The young crowd has limited resources
in the way of "fun" that is in town.
But a recreation center?
Not only for the youth,
but everyone, all ages, could benefit immensely.

Let's do it again, Art Citians!
Let's build a recreation center:
a gathering place for families.
Think of what it can do for us now,
but also how valuable it will be to the future of our city
and its residents.
Vote on November 8th!!!!!!!!!!

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