Tuesday, June 7

lots going on at SMA

It has been busy, busy, busy
and will continue to be so
at the Springville Museum of Art.
On June 1st,
they had the Art Slam,
which was an event celebrating the artist in everyone.

The Art Buffet was absolutely GENIUS!
A whole table full of art supplies, trinkets, and embellishments
for anyone to help themselves in creating a masterpiece!

The place was brimming with
creative projects & happy children.

Also, there were professional artists
throughout the museum
working on their own paintings.
Inspirational to watch!

And a cake decorating demo, too!
Check out SMA's calendar to see
all the events coming up.

Especially the Children's Art Festival
this Friday at 10am to 2pm.
There will be booths set up for children to
'make and take' art projects,
as well as food & live entertainment!
Happy Art City Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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