Thursday, June 30

Jolley's Ranch=summer fun

Springville has some incredible parks.
Especially in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Gorgeous campgrounds, pavilions,
woods, stream, and a playground!
Even if you just want to go up to explore
and soak up some nature.....

Or if you want to have a campfire
and sit around with friends 'n family...

Forget the graham crackers!

Art City Fanatic + Jolley's = LOVE
(see here for more info on canyon parks)


  1. That is an awesome park~amy webb

  2. I just wrote a story about this campground for Daily Herald! I had mixed feelings about letting the word get out though.It is a wonderful place.

  3. Although Uncle Orlando & Aunt Christine Jolley were unable to have any children of their own, we ALL felt like we were their children. They loved us and nurtured us and shared the most lovely gift of all: a beautiful place to come, feel welcome, and make memories that would last a lifetime and beyond.

    Their gift to us, their nieces and nephews, now extends to families from one end of Utah County to the other. A beautiful place to come, feel welcome, and make memories that will bond families and enrich family life ~ and will continue to do so for generations to come. I am so grateful to my Orlando & Christine Jolley for the gift of "Jolley's Ranch" to all of us.


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