Sunday, January 30

Wandering Wardrobe whimsy at 511 South Main

Springville's enchanting, historical treasure trove!
Every time I step inside,
my soul bursts with delight
at all the fashionable attire & magical trinkets
of the Wandering Wardrobe.

Step inside & take a tour
inside this amazing abode built in 1900.

Each visit to W.W. is a delightful experience.
Nothing is ever the same,
there's always new stuff,
the people are great and know be by name,
the home is so beautiful & charming,
and the prices are DIVINE.
Oh, yes, and it smells wonderful, too.

Hi, lovely Shanna!
one of W.W.'s own

That's me, the Art City fanatic!
LOVING my W.W. ring.

The adorable dressing rooms
come stocked with plushy robes
so you can browse in comfort!

The darling Patty!
The busy gal who runs the show
but who always has time to say "hello."

Now get going on your treasure hunt!
It's like they say at W.W.~~~~~


  1. wow. I'm speechless. Thank you SO much my kindred friend!

  2. I totally agree with this review! I love the treasures I find at WW! Patti is a jewel! <3

  3. Patty is a jewel! She is so good at what she does! Proud of you mom! The WW looks so festive and cute! Perfect time to pick up your sweetheart a Valentine!

  4. I can't wait to get back to Springville this will be my first stop!


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