Monday, January 31

free at Magleby's

We've all seen it.
The huge billboard as we're heading South on State Street
into Springville.
Free Chocolate Cake with lunch.

Free Chocolate Cake.

Free Chocolate Cake in the gorgeous
and majestic H.T. Reynolds building at 200 S. Main St.

Magleby's at Trivani does it right.
Chocolate cake is served first thing!
That is just how a special meal should be.
Dessert first.

I love how bright & fresh Magleby's is!
So inviting & happy.

The menu is full of delicious options.
We went for lunch and were very pleased
with the menu selection as well as the
agreeable prices.

And the bread?
The BREAD, people!
It was insane.
It's a perfect accompaniment to whatever you order.
Like the Black Bean Soup.

And if you're looking for premium steak
and a little something fancy,
The Grotto is on the lower level.
With linen tablecloths and an impressive waterfall fountain,
goblets and showy napkins,
The Grotto definitely puts some
sparkle into our Art City.

Happy Chocolate Cake-eating,


  1. LOVE this place! We ate at the Grotto with the kids for Valentines and it was Delicious! Maglebys is defintely my favorite place to eat but next time I won't be taking my kids.

  2. Fantastic article! I must agree about the bread, best thing ever! Also our jazz trio performs there ever Saturday from 6:00pm ro 8:00pm. Old 50's stuff like Miles Davis standards played like Vince Guaraldi. and just wondering, what kind of camera do you use? Those pictures are great!


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