Thursday, July 21

S.O.S. ::: Rx & ice cream in ONE!

When Art Citians tell me they've never been to SOS,
I practically throw my jaw out with,
" WHAT???!!!"
I mean, how could that possibly be?!
It is a Springville landmark
and one of my absolute favorites in our sweet town.

SOS is a drugstore & soda shop,
for all you who have remained oblivious,
that is on 214 S. Main Street by Central Bank.
Walgreens may have the convenience of a drive-thru,
but SOS has ice cream on a cone.
And who can beat that?
Especially amidst this summer heat?
And especially for only a dollar?!!

Kiddo scoops are only 50 cents.
Hip Hip!!

a rootbeer shake

The charm, friendliness, & nostalgia
of SOS
will bring people back for forever!
What are your favorite memories of SOS?
And if you haven't been yet,
For your prescriptions, ice cream,
a Blow pop for 15 cents.....


  1. We sat outside this place for a bit the other day while Daddy ran into the UPS store. I was wondering if it was brilliant! It just moved way up my to-do list :) Thanks for the tip.

  2. I seriously think we love this little town almost as much as you do! We absolutely love it!

  3. Are you serious? I've been here almost five years and had no idea! Wahoo!!!!! Ice Cream!!!!! The angel girl and I will be walking there next week, no question!

  4. When I was younger my friends and I used to have lemonade stands to earn money and then we would walk to S.O.S and get Ice cream and penny candies. That's also where my husband and I go when we want a cheap date. :)

  5. I so whant a shop like that here in the Springs. That would be awesome. What a cool place to share with the family.~amy Webb

  6. i don't know where you live but I want to move there and go there errry day!


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