Tuesday, April 5

Real Deals Home Decor

You've seen it.
The very handsome antique-y house on 200 South.

I practically got whiplash
the day I drove by and saw it.
What is this beautiful house?
I've got to know!

A store that is only open 2 days a week?
But just peeking in the windows had me.
All sorts of fanciful home decor and loveliness.
I knew it would be worth the wait
to come back.


Real Deals really does have great, super deals
that are 2 good to be true.
Join their fan club to receive updates & offers.
you & your gal pals can have your Bunco night there
for free.

101 East 200 South
(801) 491-3325


  1. This is an awesome store with great deals too!

  2. I absolutely love this store! I'm sad that the one in Lehi is closing but it's worth the drive to shop at the adorable Springville Real Deals home.

  3. Been there and love it! matter of fact I just love Springville it is such a quaint little town!

  4. What a fantastic idea to have this in an old vintage house...I love it. I would go just to see the inside of this beautiful home.

    Much success in your new business gals!!!

    Chris in Montana...

  5. I must agree, this place is amazing! If in Springville on a Thursday or Saturday, you must stop by!!


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