Tuesday, March 15

new to Springville: Dragonfly & Company Boutique

I often feel like a tourist as I drive through Springville.
Looking here and there, down this street, around that corner.
We have a lot to discover in our little city.
Gotta keep my eyes peeled, right?
So imagine my ELATION as I stumbled upon

Welcome to one of the happiest places
in Springville!
Just opened in January,
this boutique shop is a sweet addition.
Full of really beautiful clothes, jewelry,
hair adornments, handbags.....
oh, wow, is it whimsical!

Sweet Katherine is the boutique owner.
She is lovely & darling & it was a treat to meet her.

Located at 241 S. 100 W.
(formerly Heritage Woodworks)


  1. Just came across your blog...it's awesome! Thanks for all cool info about our little town-who knew we had so many neat places to go!?!?

    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. So cute can't wait to go there!


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