Monday, November 14

Help Refresh Springville with a Pepsi Grant

Are you familiar with ASAP?

It stands for Art City Substance Abuse Prevention.

Maybe you've seen them at events like the Skate Park Challenge

and Battle of the Bands during Art City Days?

They do the Prescription Drug Take Back events, too.

ASAP also started the "Mayor's Recognition Awards" where they recognize

youth in the City Council meetings for positive things they do

in the community.

"ASAP would like to implement an evidence based Positive Action program into our community. By implementing Positive Action, we can improve youth behavior along with reducing substance abuse by up to 71%. Please help us promote positive behavior among our youth by promoting Positive Action."

They have already been randomly selected for their idea and so it is now up to our community to help support them. Please VOTE for ASAP's idea so they can receive the funding they need.

Vote every day starting November 1st until November 30, 2011!
- Must be 13 or older and must register on Pepsi website in order to vote.

Here’s how:

Visit This will take you to our idea. There’s a Voting button on the bottom of the page to sign in and vote or to register and vote.


Send a text message to: 73774

Type: 109789

ASAP thanks you for your support!

Friday, November 4

Vote: Be informed!

Taken from

To help clarify and correct the mis-information that is swirling about the proposed new Recreation Center, the Springville Recreation Committee is providing the following answers to the two most frequently asked questions:

(1) Is there a need and (2) Can we afford it?

1. Is there a need? YES!

Q Do we need a Recreation Center?

A Yes. Currently, Springville citizens must visit neighboring cities for indoor recreation facilities. All we now have to choose from is a deteriorating swimming pool and limited commercial options. In 2009 and 2011 surveys, 80 percent of Springville citizens indicated their willingness to pay for a Recreation Center. The new Recreation Center will promote healthy living and enhance the quality of life in Springville. It will also produce economic growth and increased revenues. We need to invest in our community.

Q What will the new facility offer?

A The Recreation Center will offer an indoor running/walking track; competitive/exercise/lap and leisure pools; large gymnasiums; exercise/fitness/dance classrooms; cardio and fitness equipment; drop-in child care; community/party rooms; and outdoor water features. According to surveys, citizens want the center to provide general physical fitness facilities for all Springville residents, plus facilities for senior aquatic exercise, swim lessons, high school recreation and club swimming, youth sports (water polo), lifeguard training, boy scout merit-badge certification, tri-athlete training, year-round public swimming, and adult water-aerobics.

Q How will a new Recreation Center improve Springville?

A The proposed Recreation Center meets critical community needs:

  • Youth need to be involved in positive, structured activities. Without these options, they may choose harmful activities toengage their time. A recreation center provides activities that give youth adult mentors, goals to accomplish, and positive reinforcement.
  • A Recreation Center provides life-time fitness and well-being for all ages. Exercise benefits individuals by lowering blood cholesterol, improving resting heart rate, strengthening muscles and bones, relieving stress, and helping people feel good about themselves.
  • A Recreation Center creates unity and common interest in a community— it makes a community better by promoting friendships and bonding through shared activities. This makes Springville a better place to live.

Q How will the new Recreation Center interact with private enterprise?

A As with most cities, Springville City recreational leagues and programs co-exist with private recreational companies. In addition, the center will offer many features these businesses do not provide.

Q Who will use the facility?

A Everyone—young and old! Springville seniors will enjoy the new Recreation Center for walking, exercise, and classes year round; children and families of all ages can enjoy the new swimming pool; and gyms and classrooms will be available for year-round recreation and league use.

Q What happens if the new bond is not approved?

A We will not have a new recreation center in Springville, and the fate of the existing deteriorating pool will be decided by City staff and officials.

2. Can we afford it? YES!

Q How much will the Recreation Center cost Springville?

A The proposed bond will be FIXED at $21 million for 25 years or less. Spread across 30,000 citizens over the life of the bond, this is a very reasonable cost. (Currently, Springville is bonded for less than 10 percent of what it could be bonded.) And if we build now, Nebo School District will provide Springville $2 million toward the facility because Nebo schools will come to the pool for competition and training. Note: This cost is competitive with other recreation centers—for example, Provo citizens recently approved a $39 million bond for their new recreation center.

Q What will the bond cost me?

A Just over $8 per month for the average home! Only the “city” portion of your property taxes will increase. The average home in Springville is valued at $169,900, and the new tax will be approximately $8.29/month. Right now, your city tax is about 15 percent of your overall property tax, and the increase will raise your overall property tax by just 8 percent (not 50 percent as claimed by opponents to the bond). And as Springville grows, the new growth (including both residential and commercial) will actually decrease the overall annual fees for the new bond. Thus, as more people and businesses build in Springville, the monthly household cost will go down!

Q What is the Sales Use Tax and why is it necessary?

A The bond will pay for construction of the new facility—the small sales-use tax will help pay to operate the center. The amount of the sales-use tax is only 10 cents for every $100 non-food purchase. For example, if you buy a $500 television, the Sales Use Tax will add 50 cents tax to your cost. And this tax will be collected from all consumers in Springville, including non-residents. So, when visiting shoppers buy at local businesses, they will help pay for the operational costs of the Recreation Center.

Q Isn't Springville already in debt?

A Yes; just like most cities, Springville does carry some debt. Just like managing your home finances, Springville City sometimes incurs debt to make key purchases. However, contrary to other governments, Springville City follows a practice of saving for many of these big purchases. As a result, Springville City’s bond rating (similar to a citizen’s credit rating) was raised in 2010 to the highest score it has ever had—an “AA” rating—given to Springville because of its low-risk, financially secure position.

Springville City is fiscally conservative and maintains the highest reserves allowed by state law in its General Fund. In the midst of the recent recession, Springville City increased reserves in other funds managed by the City. By state law, Springville City has a balanced budget that can be reviewed at Springville’s City Council has thoughtfully and responsibly recommended the bond as a financially sound way to build the proposed recreational community center.

Q Where will the funds come from to operate the proposed Recreation Center?

A Revenue to cover the operational costs will come from two sources: the larger portion to come from revenue generated by the center itself, and the smaller portion generated by the Sales Use Tax.

Q How much will it cost to use the facility?

A As with Hobble Creek Golf Course, also owned by Springville, a moderate fee will be charged, both for one-time usage and for monthly and annual passes. Monthly and annual passes will be available at rates competitive with similar Utah County recreation centers. Non-residents will pay higher fees.

Q Why should we build it now?

A Because of the recession, construction and interest rates are at historic lows. One current construction project in Provo is saving over $1 million because of current low costs. If we act now, we also can save millions, and we can expect monthly household costs to actually go down over time as future new properties and businesses contribute to bond cost. To wait is to pay much more later!

Q Why should I have to pay when I might not use a Recreation Center?

A This is a fair question that takes a principled viewpoint to answer. Communities are built on the principle of public sharing for the public good. For example, we all share the costs of roads, safety, national security, schools, and prisons. We can’t do individually what we can do collectively. Choosing to vote “yes” for a center that helps improve the quality of life for children, youth, and families is a choice to improve the overall community for future generations. We have all benefited from the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, and now it’s our turn to help the current and future generations.

A few other questions and answers…

Q Where will the Recreation Center be built?

A The proposed site is west of 950 West and south of 400 South—easily accessible from Springville’s four-lane 400 South road.

Q Who decided the size of the center?

A Springville citizens were polled for their views on the most important aspects of the new facility, and that information was used to design the building. The city has also planned that Springville’s population will never outgrow the Recreation Center. The estimated growth for Springville will top out at 60,000, and this facility will adequately provide services for that population.

Q Why is there opposition to the bond?

A Throughout the country, there is always opposition to bonds. Just as you might incur debt when you buy a new car, a city incurs debt with a bond, and additional temporary taxes are needed to pay for the bond. We are honest about the estimated costs and revenues and have done extensive research to be as accurate as possible. But because every Springville survey has shown that citizens want a new Recreation Center, we believe the benefits outweigh the costs.

Q Where can I go for more information?

A Please

We hope you will vote YES for a Recreation Center.

We believe it is wise for our citizens and wise for our budget.

Wednesday, November 2

Get Fit: vote Yes!

ah, Autumntime in Springville.
It has been so beautiful!
Watching the very first bit of color pop.......

mountaintop in Springville

and then spread down to the valley below.
We all love the great outdoors
that our city has to offer.
Especially during the Fall.
A picnic at Jolley's Ranch.
A bike ride through Hobble Creek Canyon.
A jog/walk under the colorful trees of your neighborhood.

Jolley's Ranch

The cooler weather
& transforming world of Autumn
provide such a pleasant atmosphere for recreation.

And now it's November!
Crunchy leaves, chilly temps, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.....

Spring Hollow Park

There's so much to look forward to coming up
with the holidays!
But with that chilly weather
also comes many days of being indoors.
One can only handle so much hot chocolate,
cozy reads by the fire,
and Scrabble before getting Cabin Fever!
Especially the kids.
Days at the park are closing in on us.

Playing football or building a snowman
can be great fun,
until the numbness sets in.
But what about those blustery, stormy days?
That go on & on?
What of your recreation & fitness then?
How about if you could travel 5 minutes down the road
to the rec center with the whole family?
In the middle of a blizzard even!
Every day if you wanted.
To go swimming. Play basketball. Lift some weights.
Leaving the snow gear at home.
That's what I'm talking about!

Vote YES for a new recreation center!
Early voting now!

Visit to learn more.
They're also on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 1

Get Fit: vote YES!

During the dedicatory prayer of the Springville Museum of Art,
Elder David O. McKay described the building as
"a sanctuary of beauty,
a temple of contemplation."

Did you know that our art museum
was funded & erected during the worst of the Great Depression?
But Springville residents were passionate about
housing the precious art pieces that were
accumulating at the high school.

"The total cash cost of the project was exactly $104,011.84, with $54,000
coming from the [federal Works Progress Administration] funds. In the teeth of the Great Depression, the amazing amount
of $25,000 was privately raised from residents, small organizations and students.
Students held dances, sold popcorn and organized car washes. One young child
accidentally dropped a fifty-dollar gold piece into a donation box, which caused quite
a stir. When the father found out what happened to his money and how children
throughout Springville were working hard to build the Art Gallery, although not a
rich man, he refused to take the gold piece back. The final $25,000 was donated by
Springville City and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."


"Zeal and enthusiasm were exhibited not only by the contractors,
builders, and townspeople who contributed freely both of funds and
labor, but also by government officials who visited the site so frequently
and brought so many visitors to see it that it became known as ‘Utah’s Pet Project.'"


What a wonderful treasure it is to have the museum
right here in our city,
especially considering what a sacrifice was made
to bring it to pass.

When is the last time you strolled through the museum?
It is so peaceful & enlightening.
And to think,
because of the sacrifice of others' so long ago,
this beautiful building will be enjoyed for many
ions to come.
I am thankful to those pioneers who invested in Springville
and realized the potential of the city
and the meaning that the museum would hold.

Unfortunately, the SMA is not well-attended
by our youth.
The young crowd has limited resources
in the way of "fun" that is in town.
But a recreation center?
Not only for the youth,
but everyone, all ages, could benefit immensely.

Let's do it again, Art Citians!
Let's build a recreation center:
a gathering place for families.
Think of what it can do for us now,
but also how valuable it will be to the future of our city
and its residents.
Vote on November 8th!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 22

a sneak peak into our new library

It is amazing! Amazing!!!!!
See you at the Grand Opening in just ONE WEEK!
See the library blog for the day's exciting festivities.

Thursday, October 13

Come Flea with The Porch on Main

It's back.
For the last time of the year.

Come Flea With Me at The Porch on Main!
October 14th & 15th

Here's a peak at what they had
back in May.....

Lots of wonderful treasures!

Did you know it's supposed to be
77 degrees on Saturday??!!!

Tuesday, October 11

Free refreshments tomorrow night!

Have you noticed the new sign over Main Street?
All are invited to come to the Civic Center
Wednesday, tomorrow, 6-8pm

Learn about the proposed recreation center for Springville!
There will be refreeeeeeeeeeeeeeshments!
Come with questions, concerns, curiosity.
It's going to be great.

And speaking of reeeaaaaaally great,
I snooped around the new library yesterday:

I got chills.
It is amazing.
And so close to being finished!

That's right, mister.
Shine those windows "til they shine like the top of the Chrysler building!"
from "Annie"
We want our library good 'n ready 'n beautiful for opening day!
Saturday, Oct 29th at 9:30

Friday, October 7

Help us vote YES on the new rec center

Isn't it so exciting what is going on in our beautiful city?
The new library is almost done!!!!
Ribbon Ceremony is Sat the 29th at 9:30am.
I will be there with my camera & tissues. I know I'll cry.


the proposed recreation center!!!!!
I'm thrilled to be a part of the Bond Committee.
I've had the pleasure of interviewing
some great Springvillians
and you can view their endorsements here.
While we already have a community pool, it has just worn out its little heart
and it is time that we get a recreation center
as a gathering place for families & residents.

You can help us get Springville excited about registering to vote
and voting YES on the rec center by joining us tomorrow,

Saturday October the 8th,
at the Springville Pool at 1015 East 900 South
at 9am to 11

Donuts & juice provided

a freeT-shirt, too, to help spread the word!

Wear walking shoes

You can contact Sam Brand, the Bond Committee Chair
with your questions: 801-205-2103

Wednesday, September 21

close to home:::McBride's Briar Patch

Who wants to have a fresh berry pie
for dessert?
It is berry-pickin' season
and we are so lucky because just down the way
in Mapleton,
there is a huge & beautiful berry patch!

Meet Wayne McBride.
He & his wife, Joyce, live & work here
and are very enthusiastic about sharing the joy
of walking through the patch,
picking the perfect berries & snacking along the way.
Wayne is so friendly & welcoming
and helped make our berry patch stay so fun & memorable.

Wayne shows just the right technique
in picking raspberries.

Donning my hat & long pants & sleeves,
I tied a bucket to my waste,
and got pickin'.
There is really something magical about walking through
the lush green rows of bright red berries.
It's peaceful, even.
Although bees are buzzing and littles are scrambling
for their own berries at my knees,
the repetition of pick-drop-in-bucket-pick
is a sweet reminder to slow down & savor life's wondrous moments.

McBride's provide the buckets for picking,
even mini ones for the littles.
Bring your own containers to take
your berries home, though.
They encourage pickers to pick as many berries as wished,
and pop some in your mouth along the way, too.

Blackberries are not as plentiful as the raspberries
but are oh, so beautiful.

Wayne gave the littles some apples
to feed the deer, too.
Watch it!
They're feisty things.

You pick = $3.00/lb
They pick = $5.00/lb
You can even pre-order!

The McBride's also have a huge garden
with produce for sale.

And you really ought to indulge
in some of their delicious Raspberry Honey!

And to top off the perfect pickin' experience,
on our way out we got to pick a handful
of their gorgeous flowers.
The McBride's are top notch!

And that's how you can have a fresh berry pie
for dessert.
With a bouquet of flowers, too.

1849 S. 2100 W. in Mapleton
Visit their facebook page for directions and more information.